Chairman’s Message

CK HungDear Members,

It is my great honour to be elected as the Chairman of the Hong Kong Institution of Building and Services Engineers (HKIBSE) for the term 2013 – 2016.

Under the excellent leadership of the Founding Chairman Ir. Dr. Peter Kwan and his successor(s), the Institution is made known to the public. It is a great challenge to me to exceed in their successful achievements. It aims to develop their engineering and professional knowledge, the networks and friendship amongst our members and also acts as a platform to enhance the linkage with the practitioners in the related professions, serves the purpose of providing a platform that connects all of us together and continues to cultivate and strengthen the relationship of them. To cope with the needs, the Institution changes its name to Hong Kong Institution of Building and Services Engineers (HKIBSE) in 2015. The new website is also put in use in 2015.

From 2013 to 2015 (two and a half year) a total of about 50 projects / activities arranged: co-organized 25 seminars (attendance from 30 to nearly 200 people; the average number of 75 people), four dinner talks (attendance 60, 80, 120 and 150), three Spring Dinners (attendance 150, 180 and 200), five study trips (attendance: 25-55 people (organized) and 5-15 (participated)), and eight outdoor events (average attendance of about 30 people).

In summary, the purposes of the past 50 activities are:

  1. to let our members to meet and talk with political leaders (Executive and Legislative Councilors Regina Ip 行政及立法會葉劉淑儀議員, Starry Lee Wai King 行政及立法會李慧琼議員, W.K. Lo, Elizabeth Quat etc), government leader (Secretary for Education Eddie Ng), commercial leaders (Shih Wing Ching, Tong Man Leung, Otto Poon, SH Chan, T.C. Yee, C.K. Lau etc) and many other famous professionals;
  2. to let our members to join different talks and seminar to know more about technical, mediation and health aspects;
  3. to let our members to join trips to explore Chinese culture (文化企業博覧考察), Shenzhen, Qianhaiand, Hengqin, Zhuhai (參訪深圳前海和珠海橫琴) etc;
  4. to let our members to meet, know and connect with other local or overseas engineering or professional institutions and alumni of other 40 universities alumni associations (we have very close connections with them) in many activities;

The Institution has very close connections with many other local and overseas engineering or professional institutions, local and overseas university alumni associations, political leaders, government leaders, business leaders and well known people and organizations, therefore, the reputations of the Institution is ever increasing and are known to the public. We hope the Institution can have secured impressive support and recognition from the public and society continuously.

We believe how important it is to give every HKIBSE member the opportunity to stand side by side with government leaders, successful business people and all the other extraordinary people.

The planned and coming activities are:

  1. Meeting with government leaders
  2. Meeting with political leaders
  3. Meeting with business leaders
  4. Meeting and get known to other engineering or professional institutions, alumni of 50 different universities alumni associations
  5. Arrange talks/seminars/forums in different fields and study trips to facilitate technical knowledge enrichment, career development, general knowledge enrichment, and networking opportunities
  6. Members’ benefits and job posting

We feel proud and committed to provide quality services to all of you and wish to enrich this warming platform and atmosphere, share and learn to growth together. In the coming years, the Executive Committee is expanded with more unselfish and enthusiastic members, will organize seminars or activities of general interest to members, functions or events which are jointly organized by other professional bodies, alumni associations of other universities, or other possible organizations. Details of these activities will be communicated to our members via email, whatsapp and the Institution’s website.

By taking the high degree of initiatives, we shall have exciting and busy years in organizing a wide range of activities. The new Executive Committee Members have high degree of capability and enthusiastic commitment. With the diversified expertise, I believe that they shall assist the EC to achieve the goals under my term of service.

In order to speedily rise up the professional status & social standing of HKIBSE and be closer to the community, our Executive Committee has been building up effective networking / collaboration with other local, overseas professional and engineering associations.

Your active participating in the upcoming organized activities not only gives us your dependable support, but also shows your valuable views / comments on the continuous improvement in the quality of service to our members in future.

Thank you for surfing the Institution website. I hope you will visit this site more regularly to stay up-to-date on news and events of HKIBSE. For any new ideas and suggestions on what HKIBSE can do to foster a closer relationship amongst the members and between the members and the Institution, or on the type of seminars and activities that you will be interested in, please feel free to contact us. I sincerely wish to see all the fellow members in the upcoming activities with our warm welcoming.

I treasure the support and contribution from all Members and Executive Committee Members, which enable me to lead our term to a new height.

With warmest regards

C.K. Hung
Ir. Dr. C.K. HUNG
HKIBSE – Chairman (2013 – 2016)
M: 6546 2502